Dr Grill Paleo friendly

Dr.Grill Chicken & Paleo Diet

What is Paleo Diet? It is the caveman diet. That is, eating only plants (but not cereals) with meat, eggs and fish, similar to what the cavemen may have eaten around 10,000 years ago before the time of agriculture. The Logic: By getting back to eating real food and avoiding processed foods, we can stay

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10 Reasons why Dr.Grill Chicken is the best!

When we revisited our food concept and had discussion about the specialty of our Grilled Chicken with our loyal clients at our first year completion in February, we could identify the top 10 reasons that made Dr.Grill chicken very popular in the shortest time of one year. These are: freshly sourced bigger and tender bird

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Get to Know Our Crew!

Meet the people behind our deliciously perfectly grilled chicken: Rajendran, fondly called as Raja, joined Dr.Grill as a novice with great liking for grilled chicken. With sheer commitment and focus on details he has now become a fine grill master. When he is in the kitchen, you are sure that your grilled chicken has got the

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Take away Sticker

Turn trash into Cash!

Help Dr.Grill in recycling the ‘famous’ takeaway boxes! It is not only a great way to reduce waste and help save the environment, but also an easy way to make some ‘money’. Yes, we will reward Re.1 per every box that you return to us. Together let’s preserve the environment!  

Coimbatore Grill Chicken fast food

Dr.Grill is a ‘good food fast’!

  That’s how Dr.Grill has redefined ‘fast food’. It also explains why Dr.Grill chose rotisserie style grilling of Chicken: it just tastes great and a healthy alternative! The secret to the great taste lies in the rotisserie grilling process which ‘defats’ the meat in high heat without losing the juice. The chicken grilled in this

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4. Almost there

We are almost there!

Folks, yes we are almost there; the count-down begins from next week for our opening. We will do the soft launch next week with Ice creams followed by food tasting events of our main menu at Dr.Grill and ‘select’ outside locations before setting a date for grand opening. Yesterday we had Mr, Thomas Daniel, food

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Grill is also for women and kids

Dr.Grill is also for women and kids!

We noticed that on many occasions grill restaurants are frequented only by ‘guys’ and not ‘families’ or ‘women’ or ‘kids’. Is this local trend somehow related to the ‘men grill, women cook’ attitude prevalent in the West? Or is it just some difficult to explain another ‘Indian thing’? We are truly puzzled about this and

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